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Meulstroom is situated in the Zusterstroom Valley and has limited network coverage. There are WiFi vouchers available at the office (see below document for more details).

Important -

1. There is a 9km gravel road before you arrive at our gate

2. We currently do not have  shaded parking


IMPORTANT: The main gate will only open at 15:30 and check-in will be from 16:00 on the day of your arrival.

Early arrivals are only permitted if you arrange with us before arrival. Cars will be parked in the general parking area and there is no parking at the rooms.

What time can we check-in?

There are a bar fridge and kettle with mugs and glasses in every room. A microwave can be found in the common area where we serve coffee & tea. We do not have self-catering facilities.

We offer bedding with 2 pillows, an extra blanket and a bath towel per person. 

Please bring your own beach towels. There are no TV's in the rooms, only in the common area. All rooms has a ceiling fan. Electric heaters or air conditioning units are not permitted.

Please also bring your own coffee & tea for your room.

What is available in the rooms?

As a mother, what can I expect in the room? Are there a kettle, fridge and microwave?

Please bring your hard-earned CASH or CARD card with. We accept both.

Do I need to bring cash?

Meulstroom is located in the beautiful Zusterstroom Valley. MTN and CellC users normally has average signal most of the times. Vodacom users on the other hand gets very limited signal. So please, if you need to get a hold of someone at home during your stay - let them know you will be in a area with limited network coverage.

We currently have a closed WiFi network at the office. We sell vouchers for R10, R15 and R55 - please enquiry at the office.

Note - not all the rooms as access to this WiFi Network.

Cellphone signal and WiFi

How is the cellphone signal generally at the Lodge?

Tabard/ Peachful Sleep, Beach/swimming towels, extra bath towel if needed, a blanket and camping chair for relaxing on the grass. A warm jacket for cool nights or rain.

Coffee, tea, snacks for room.

CASH for the mini shop.

What do I need to bring along?

Apart from the normal items, what extra do I need to bring along for my stay with you?

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Meulstroom does not take responsibility for any lost/forgotten items. In the event that an item is left behind – it will be the guest’s OWN responsibility to come and collect the item at the venue (or send a courier to the venue at their own expense). No items will be posted or delivered.


Terms & Conditions for staying at Meulstroom Lodge

To ensure a memorable stay here with us, please take not of the below rules and regulations:

Special arrangements/permission:

  • If any special arrangements and/or permissions were granted to you (outside the normal rules), you must insist on written proof thereof to present on arrival.

  • If you or any of your party have special dietary requirements, please inform us via email 5 working days before your arrival.

Arrival & general:

  • Reception hours: Monday-Thursday 07:00-17:00. Friday & Saturday 07:00-20:00. Sunday 07:00-14:00                          

  • There is a if any key is removed from the leather straps. If a KEY IS LOST/ MISPLACED - the guests will be liable to pay R250 before he/she can receive a replacement key.

  • Rooms will ONLY be available for check-in from 16:00 or as set out on program. We understand some guests travel a far distance and may arrive early - Double delight will be available for guest to relax until rooms are available

  • The gate will open at 06:00 and close at 22:00.


Meal times:

  • We value punctuality at Meulstroom and has a strict 45min serving time at the buffet area.

  • After the 45min serving time is over, the buffet area will close. There will be no late-comers accepted – so it is of high importance that you are on time.

  • If any take-away needs to be taken to sick guests etc. – you need to inform the manager on duty.

  • Early coffee, tea and rusks will ONLY be served from 07:30 at the coffee station (if applicable to your booking).


  • If there is any fault or problem in your room/bathroom, please report it to Meulstroom Management immediately.

  • We have card facilities available at the mini-shop and bar.


  • No Pets allowed.


  • No food to be prepared at Meulstroom. Only prepare or commercial snacks.

  • Tranquility is expected from 21:00 at night - NO MUSIC after 21:00

  • No furniture may be removed or moved in the rooms and venues. 

  • Bedding and Towels are not allowed be taken from the rooms - guests are not allowed to use white bath towels for swimming. Please bring own swimming towels

  • No posters or Prestiek on the walls/ doors.

  • Keep children off cupboards and table tops.

  • Please switch all lights/ ceiling fans off when you leave the room.

  • Coffee mugs may not be removed from the Restaurant and coffee station areas.

  • DO NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH THE STAFF - contact manager on duty for any arrangements & complaints.

  • Guests must please check-out of rooms @ 09:00 am on the day of departure.

  • Guests must return room keys to Reception/ camp leader before departure. If any guests leave the premises with the key, it will be the person’s to ensure the key is returned to Meulstroom Lodge

  • Breakage and/or damage of any of Meulstroom's property will be billed accordingly and added to the final bill.




INDEMNITY CLAUSE– Meulstroom Lodge 

To be signed by every guests that enters the premises of Meulstroom Lodge:

"I acknowledge that I am well acquainted with and fully aware of the real dangers and risks that are associated with nature lodges arising from the presence of wild and dangerous animals and plants and the real risk of suffering bodily harm, injury, death and/or loss to property which may arise as result of an encounter with and/or the presence of wild animals and plants whilst on the premises or property of the lodge. I also acknowledge that excursions/activities can be undertaken on foot, by car and by river and that those activities carry the risk of dangerous encounters with wild animals, car accidents due to the rough terrain to be covered.

I waive any claim or claims of whatsoever cause or nature howsoever arising against the owners of the lodge, their associates, employees and/or any person connected whether directly or indirectly with the running of the lodge and fellow guests/invitees which I might have arising out of harm, injury, death or loss suffered whilst on the premises or property of the reserve/lodge and whether arising from an act of commission or omission on the part of those hereby indemnified or anyone of them including any activity or excursion.

I indemnify and hold harmless and free, the owners of the lodge, their associates and employees and/or any person connected whether directly or indirectly with the running of the reserve/lodge and fellow guests/invitees from any and all claims of whatsoever cause or nature which may arise on behalf of my children and or other minors under my supervision should they suffer injury or loss whilst on the premises or property of the reserve/lodge and whether arising from an act of commission or omission on the part of those hereby indemnified on anyone of them. In the event of injury the reserve/lodge may at its discretion and without prejudice and without admission of liability arrange and pay for emergency medical treatment for and on behalf of any guest."

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